Türkiye’nin karşı çıkmasına rağmen 1915 olayları bir çok ülke tarafından soykırım olarak kabul edildi. Ermeni nüfusunun fazla olduğu birçok  ülkede sözde Ermeni yalanı kabul edildi. Amerikan meclisinden geçmesi sonucunda bu sayı 20 ‘ye çıkacak..Amerika’nın da tanıması sonucunda bir çok ülke bundan cesaret bulacak.. İşte sırasıyla sözde Ermeni soykırımını tanıyan ülkeler :

  • Uruguay : 1965, 2004, 2005 olmak üzere üç kez Ermeni soykırımı iddialarını kabul etti.
  • Kıbrıs Rum Kesimi : 1982 yılında soykırım iddialarını kabul etti.
  • Arjantin : Ermeni soykırımını tanıma tasarısı 1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007’de gündeme geldi ve hepsinde de kabul edildi.
  • Rusya : Önce 1995’te sonra da 2005’de soykırımı kabul etti.
  • Kanada:1996, 2000 ve 2004’te gündeme geldi ve her üçünde de kabul edildi.
  • Yunanistan:1996’ta soykırımı tanıdı.
  • Lübnan: Lübnan’da yaşan Ermeni lobisinin yoğun çabaları sonucunda 1997 ve 2000’de soykırım tanındı.
  • Belçika:1998’de tanıdı.
  • İtalya: 2000’de Ermenilere yönelik soykırım yapıldığını kabul etti.
  • Vatikan: İtalya ile aynı yıl 2000’de kabul etti.
  • Fransa: 2001’de Ermeni soykırımını tanıdı. Fransa’da sözde Ermeni soykırımını reddetmek suç sayılıyor.
  • İsviçre: Soykırım iddialarını 2003’te kabul etti.
  • Slovakya : 2004’te tanıdı.
  • Hollanda : 2004’te kabul etti.
  • Polonya : 2005’te kabul etti.
  • Almanya : 2005’te kabul etti.
  • Venezuella : 2005’te kabul etti.
  • Litvanya : 2005’te kabul etti.
  • Şili : 2007’de kabul etti.
Dost düşman belli olsun diye Sözde Ermeni soykırımını tanıyan ülkeleri yazdım.


  1. Russian View on the Atrocities Commited by the Armenians against The Turks

    The Armenians, who had lived with the Turks for many years, sharing their fate and enjoying many rigts and privileges had turned traitors against the state and the nation without any valid reason. There were more external factors rather than internal factors at play. The external factors are so numerous and so varied that it would be misleading to come to a conclusion by only evaluating one or a few of them. The external factors directed at the Ottomann Empire were not only political and religious but also economical, commerical, social, cultural, aggressive and biased. Moreover, these factors have been always presented under the pretention of humanity and justice. Those who had tried to apply the resolutions of the congress of Wien in the Ottoman Empire rather than in their own countries, tried to partition and put an end to the Empire by establishing schools, churches hospitals, orphanages and even consulates.

    The activities directed especially at the non-muslim subjects of the Empire did not scow affects immediately but the long run it proved to be affective.

    When the Armenian issue is studied it will be observed that the Armenians were even conducting their own religious rites in Turkish enjoying more peace and justice than their neighbours, who demamded rights, freedom, equality and reform in their names, but stil some of them were influenced by the intensive propaganda. Associations, committees, and band were formed and many plans and programs were made. Many Armenians were forced to betrayal, rising and revolt through brainwashing and force. Right from the beginning, those who had common sens enough to predict the results of these activites were silenced. In the end the rabels and traitors discovered the fact that they had been exploited, but it was too late. Hence. thay had to leave their country where they had been treated as equals for many years, and wherever they went they remembered those happy days with nostalgia.

    In this study we have tried to expose the contradictions, in the policies one of those who have brought on this corruption, trogh a direct study of the documents the Russian officers, religious leaders-and intellectuals. It will be observed that the Russian army officers who had invaded East Anatolia and who had provoked, enecouraged and armed the Armenians were disgusted, embarrased and shocked by the massacre of the innocent and the defendless Muslims since the men were fighting at the fronts. As a result they tried to hinder the activities of these ‘volunteers’ whom they had armed and sent to the fronts in the first place. It must be admitted that the Russian Revolution played a great in this contradictory policy. Still it a fact that although the Russians had hostile intentions their humane feelings outweighed them. The documents in this study mirrors this fact.

    ‘ Russian view on the atrocities commited by the Armenians against the Turks ‘
    ‘Ruslara Göre Ermenilerin Türklere Yaptiklari Mezalim’ (dr.azmi süslü)

    her türkün okumasi gereken bir türkce kitap
    ingilizce, rusca, arapca kaynaklarla desteklenmis asil belgelerle sunulmus kitabligimizda bulunmasi gereken bir kitap…

    Yakup Icik/Kitapligindan!

  2. Kitabin ismi

    ” Ruslara Göre Ermenilerin Türklere Yaptiklari Mezalim ”

    ( Russian view on the atrocities commited by the Armenians against the Turks )

    1987 – Türkce bir kitap Doc.Dr. Azmi Süslü yazari. Ankara Üniversitesi Türk Inkilap Tarihi Enstitüsü basimi. kitapta ingilizce rusca ve arapca kaynaklar mevcut asil belge kopyalari ile.sanirim ankarada bulunabilir kitabcilarda ya da ank.üniversitesinden istenebilir!

    yukarida yorumda bir hata gördüm en alt ingilizce basligin altindaki Türkce Baslik
    ‘Ruslara Göre Ermenilerin Türklere Yaptiklari Mezalim’

    düzeltirseniz sevinirim sevgili selcuk!


    ‘ Russian view on the atrocities commited by the Armenians against the Turks ‘
    ‘Ruslara Göre Ermenilerin Türklere Yaptiklari Mezalim’

    tsk..ederim ilginize



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